Blood samples from fighting bulls

          October 28th, 2019 Dr.Rattapan Pattanarangsan and Dr.Purima Phrommontri along with Akkahararatchakumari Veterinary Teaching Hospital staffs went out for fighting bulls’ blood collection mission. The aim of this mission is to obtain blood samples from fighting bulls for blood analyzer setting and calibration. Fighting bull is a big business for Southern Thailand as an estimate monetary volume about five billions Baht per year. The maximum price for the grand champion competition is up to 10 million Baht. AVC teaching hospital will be ready to receive fighting bull case in the next month starting from health check, basic management consultation, parasite control program designing, vaccination, sport medicine and etc. Veterinary students and bull owners will both be beneficial from the upcoming services. The Large animal section of AVC veterinary teaching hospital will be finished and fulfilled the services in the beginning of the year 2020.

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